Low Voltage Switchboard Manufacturers



Switchboard Audit

If you’re concerned that your switchboard won’t pass inspection or is not suitable for your project, talk to us. We can come to your site and assess any switchboard from any supplier for any major build. Our expert technicians work with contractors and facilities managers to check for compliance with:

  • Fault protection: is your building protected against a high-energy fault at your energy network provider’s side?
  • Do the protection devices allow discrimination, isolating the fault so that supply is maintained to critical circuits?
  • Standards and safety measures: does it meet current industry requirements? If not, what is required to bring it up to standard?
  • Supply authority requirements: are your metering components housed correctly? Do you need to build-in flexibility to provide for potential future changes?

For new builds, schedule a switchboard audit as a checkpoint for your electrical works. Or for completed builds, ask for a condition audit when you want to confirm that another supplier has provided standards-compliant parts.


When your switchboard fails inspection or breaks down, Modulec’s technicians are ready to help. We’ll come to your site, assess the options, and set out the solution. We’ll list any new parts needed, striking the right balance between upfront cost and long-term reliability.

Switchboard Design And Advice

Electrical consultants come to us, seeking specialist advice on switchboard design. Our design team will consider every angle, creating the ideal solution for your project:

  • function
  • cost-effectiveness
  • ease of use
  • standards compliance

You’ll get a clear, professional design with all aspects explained by Modulec’s in-house experts.

If you’ve got any other questions about your electrical works, let us know. We’ve developed strong relationships with experts in related fields, and we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

Switchboard Hire

When you get power on your site, everything moves faster. We hire out a range of temporary switchboards to bridge the gap until your permanent switchboard is ready.

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