Low Voltage Switchboard Manufacturers



Modulec gives me that continuity I need in a switchboard supplier. They're up to speed with all the supply authority regulations, and they understand the type of work we do. Without that expertise, there's the risk that the project will fall over when the switchboard is installed. My guys on site will need to pull it all out and start again.

I know Modulec will go the extra mile for me. They're competitively priced, but I'm also happy to absorb any extra cost because I know at the end of the day they'll go out of their way to make it work.

I probably talk to the guys at Modulec 2-3 times a week. The satisfaction for me is in having that key person you can go to. If there's ever any issues, I can just pick up the phone and get it sorted out. Even if it's not technically their issue, they'll take the time to find a solution or offer some advice.

– Grant Day, David Power

It is extremely important for us that the switchboard provider does not just a good job but great job. On all our projects, switchboards are on the critical path. If something goes wrong, the whole project can be at risk. Retrospective repairs, modification or changes in most part are not feasible

We use Modulec for a turnkey service: From a high level specification and basic line diagram they deliver an end product of the highest quality that meets all technical requirements. They are always proactive in their approach, deliver on time and provide great customer service.

Modulec is one company you can rely on. They always deliver to the highest possible standard, so when you bring them in, you never have to worry.

– Mark Pursehouse, Project Manager, Somerville Group

Modulec offers the whole package. They don't just manufacture; they'll come to your site and give you a consult on how the job should be done in the most cost-effective way.

When a tender forced us to use another provider, that's when Modulec really stood out: it's the quality of their product, and the manufacturing time. When Modulec promise a date, they deliver.

Their work is my reputation. If the switchboard doesn't pass inspection, you're talking major ramifications: whole building blocks not having the power turned back on. Modulec's knowledge of all the standards is why they're important to me. Their knowledge of the industry is paramount.

– Nick Tedesco – NAT Electrical

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